California High School Softball 2021 Code of Conduct

I will treat all athletes, coaches, and officials with respect before, during, and after all contests.

I understand that coaches, not players make decisions as to playing time. Should I have any issues with playing time, I will not confront or criticize the player. I shall speak with the coach.

I will not bully, publicly criticize, or intentionally hurt my teammates in any way. Should I see bullying by a teammate of another teammate I will report the incident to the coaches.

I will treat my teammates with respect and stand up to others who bully them.

I will set a good example of behavior and show a good work ethic for younger teammates.

I will show respect for all facilities and other property (including locker rooms) used during practices, tournaments, and team activities.

I will not allow others’ negative sportsmanship to become an excuse to do the same.

I will accept the decisions of officials without arguing. I will let the coach handle disputes.

I will respect the decisions of my coaches and not publicly question their lineup, game plan, or team rules. Should I have issues, I will speak with them in private.

By signing this document, I agree to all of the rules and statements listed above. I acknowledge that if I break any of the following rules there will be consequences and could result in termination from the team.