Grizzly Softball Alumni

In honor of our great legacy of Grizzly Softball graduates for their commitment and dedication.

Class of 2019

* Class Info Will
Be Updated
in June 2019 *

Class of 2018

* No Seniors
Played / Graduated
This Season *

Class of 2017

Miranda Amaral
Katie Marchuk
JoAna Mullins

Class of 2016

Kassi Coronado
Leandre Glendenning
Rachel Marchuk
Zina Ramirez

Class of 2015

Arielle Aslinger
Kassie Kochan
Kimberly Pagano
Kristina Pagano

Class of 2014

Lindsey Chalmers
Sarah Noble
Nicole Schofield
Kelsey Williams

Class of 2013

Jessica Catson
Kwyn Cooper
Lindsay Harris
Katelyn Linford
Andi Quilalang
Joelle Williams

Class of 2012

Taylor Duffy
Shayna Friedman
Rebecca Jensen
Sarita Leon
Molly Martin

Class of 2011

AnaMarie Falzon
Megan Gomm
Carissa Heller
Brittany Wright

Class of 2010

Anna Cade
Shelby Fowler
Cassy Mosser
Amy Niedzwecki
Mariah Nisbet

Class of 2009

Stefanie Hatley
Krista Miller
Melissa Silva
Christie Taylor

Class of 2008

Stefani Amaral
Jamie Foley
Shelby Tomasello

Class of 2007

Kylie Fan
Leanna Gallegos
Sarah Lawrence
Jeanine Ruffoni
Morgan Steinmetz

Class of 2006

Jennifer Clarke
Katie Fischer
Kathryn Mallman
Danielle Sommer
Jamie Tonis